Lamaro studio

Crystal Hotel, Acholi Road
2019-05-10 09:49:53
Norah Nyeko

Lamaro studio is a small business that promotes and markets women designers and artisans. Established in 2016, its founder raised capital for the business by selling their products at  exhibitions and pop up shops at charitable events and popular bars in Kampala, Uganda. Lamaro Studio's focus was on  marketing and selling products from two women's groups initially,  that is, Women's Advocacy Network which consists of more than 800 war affected women, and 4Africa, an NGO that supports and women affected with HIV/AIDS. Due to  work commitments of the founder, Norah Nyeko, the business came to a hold in 2017.

Lamaro studio was revived in 2019 as a community based organization in Gulu District located in the northern part of Uganda. Its registered office which also acts as a retail store was launched on International Women's Day on 8th of March 2019 with a Fashion Show bringing together six women designers. The six designers come from various backgrounds that include being war affected, former female prisoners, women who support children with special needs and women who are HIV/AIDS affected.  The Guest of Honor at the launch was a Woman Member of Parliament for Gulu District, Ms. Betty Aol. Other special guests included the Local Councillor for Gulu District,  Ojara mapenduzi and Pamela Angwech, Executive Director of Gulu Women's Economic & Development Globalisation.

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