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Making Gabon proud.
by Fashionomics Africa 04 Dec, 2017

Teddy Ondo Ella is a menswear designer, who seeks to institute Africa’s fashion to the rest of the world. The designer has recently presented his collection in New York at Men’s Fashion We ... Read more

4 ways to re-gain your motivation
by Fashionomics Africa 01 Dec, 2017

Have you begun the journey of entrepreneurship but after many hours of work found out that you haven’t seen much results? Were you expecting too see quicker revenue streams and more interest by ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business
Côte d’Ivoire's young, emerging photographer and his recipe on how to stand out and succeed in the industry.
by Fashionomics Africa 01 Dec, 2017

The fashion photographer, Aboubakhr Thierry or also known as Dadi, is a creator from Abidjan, who uses a lot of vibrant colors and strong emotions to capture his pictures. The artist is only 23-years- ... Read more

World Economic Forum looks for Africa’s top female entrepreneurs past years
by Fashionomics Africa 30 Nov, 2017

In case you have not heard, the World Economic Forum has been leading a huge search over the past two years. This past May 3rd, a conference was held in Dulban, South Africa, where nominees from all o ... Read more

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