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World Economic Forum looks for Africa’s top female entrepreneurs past years
by Fashionomics Africa 30 Nov, 2017

In case you have not heard, the World Economic Forum has been leading a huge search over the past two years. This past May 3rd, a conference was held in Dulban, South Africa, where nominees from all o ... Read more

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Taking care of Africa’s next generation.
by Fashionomics Africa 30 Nov, 2017

“Black millennials could be the face of future decades." A Nigerian blogger, Temi Otedola, is taking the matter to her own hands and putting African culture and designers in the spotligh ... Read more

Fashion • Business
Is the fashion industry your secret passion?
by Fashionomics Africa 29 Nov, 2017

Many times we emphasize the way fashion lovers should get organized in order to help their business grow, however, there is a huge segment of entrepreneurs who have taken a different career path in wh ... Read more

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The Konga Online Shopping Mall.
by Fashionomics Africa 29 Nov, 2017

Sim Shagaya is a multiple entrepreneur from Nigeria, who takes the position of a CEO of Konga Online Shopping Mall Ltd., founded in July 2012, plus he is the former head of Google Africa and an execut ... Read more

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