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Fashion • Entrepreneurs
Six Ways in Which You Can Think About Using Social Media to Promote Your Ecommerce Fashion Brand
by Fashionomics Africa 16 Oct, 2019

Fashion and social media go hand in hand. The visual nature of the social networks combined with the aesthetic appeal of clothing and accessories blends together well. Many online fashion retailers ar ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
Simple, Stylish & Sustainable: Eye-Catching DIY Ideas for Your Office
by Fashionomics Africa 14 Oct, 2019

Whether you’re working from home, in a spacious office or an open-plan office/flagship-store fusion, it is important that your working environment reflects your profession, your style and your a ... Read more

Fashion • Africa
Duchess of Sussex Highlights Sustainable African Fashion Brands during her Trip to Southern Africa
by Fashionomics Africa 09 Oct, 2019

Meghan Markle has been spotlighting ethical fashion brands during southern Africa tour. Few fashion choices receive as much public attention as those made by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, whose outfits f ... Read more

The Best Inktober Fashion Illustrations So Far
by Fashionomics Africa 09 Oct, 2019

The internet is a curious platform that brings together people from all around the globe. This is where the meme first became a thing, where the weirdest videos and gifs go viral, where everyone can b ... Read more

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