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African heritage
The professional growth of designer Andrea Iyamah
by Fashionomics Africa 11 Jun, 2019

Andrea Imayah is the perfect role model for anyone who wants to create a successful fashion line. Her success has grown so much over the years, that she has been able to create and expand her swimwear ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
3 Great Resources for Fashion Designers
by Fashionomics Africa 11 Jun, 2019

Every professional and/or creative, needs their tools. An artist never leaves the house with his paint pallet or an assortment of pens; a hairstylist can’t do her job to the best of her ability ... Read more

Fashion • Africa
Namibian Designers Leah Misika and Melisa Poulton Launch Their Jan Jooster Collection via the Jägermeister X Initiative
by Fashionomics Africa 10 Jun, 2019

One way for designers to secure funds for new and exciting fashion collections, is by partnering with well-known and established brands. This is exactly what Namibian designers, Leah Misika and Melisa ... Read more

3 ways to make social media work for your fashion brand
by Fashionomics Africa 07 Jun, 2019

In the digital era, having a brand and being present in social media is always connected. In order for your social media strategy to work, creating a profile is never enough, and committing to constan ... Read more

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