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The Best Fashion Photo Shoot Locations in Cape Town
by Fashionomics Africa 09 Oct, 2019

Cape Town is one of the most picturesque cities in the whole world. A lot of local and international brands travel to the Mother City to shoot commercials, films, movies, images for digital marketing, ... Read more

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« Rien ne se perd, tout se transforme » [FR/EN]
by Fashionomics Africa 08 Oct, 2019

« Rien ne se perd, tout se transforme » Ce titre résume parfaitement ce dont il sera question dans la suite de cet article. Et ça aurait très bien pu serv ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Africa
How Can African Governments and Private Sector Stakeholders Work Together to Build a Stronger African Fashion Industry?
by Fashionomics Africa 08 Oct, 2019

Article A by Sibusisiwe Muperere The fashion industry has traditionally been regarded as a vehicle for creative expression and cultural independence across the African continent, but in recent year ... Read more

Dressing Rules: What Fashion Stylists Want You to Know
by Fashionomics Africa 07 Oct, 2019

We all know the power of a great outfit. Throw on the right clothes and you can get yourself out of the worst of funks. It’s a strange psychology but often, we can tackle a light depression or l ... Read more

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