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VALOYI – Rewriting the African Narrative Through Sustainable Fashion
by Fashionomics Africa 04 Jul, 2019

If ever there was a shining example of a woman with a determination that is impossible to extinguish, it’s Harmonie Mbunga, the founder of the sustainable African fashion brand, VALOYI. While he ... Read more

Fashion • Business
3 Ways to Use YouTube for Your Fashion Business
by Fashionomics Africa 03 Jul, 2019

There are many online streaming channels, but the ones we keep on coming back to are Netflix and YouTube. Why Netflix is our go-to for leisurely or educational viewing by ways of shows, series and doc ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
The use of GM cotton in eSwatini
by Fashionomics Africa 02 Jul, 2019

Because of the interest that exists in supporting agricultural biotechnology for the future of Africa, the CEO of the Swaziland Cotton Board is encouraging African pioneers to set their political egos ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Africa
KILeLe: Kenya’s International Leather & Leather Products Trade Fair and Conference
by Fashionomics Africa 02 Jul, 2019

Does your fashion brand or clothing line rely heavily on sourcing premium leather and leather products? Does the sourcing process take up most of your time due to a lack of accessibility and quality p ... Read more

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