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Fashion brands that are innovating with recycled materials
by Fashionomics Africa 03 May, 2019

Did you know Earth Day was last week? This annual event was designer in order to show support towards environmental protection, and the results that have come because of it have been nothing but benef ... Read more

Outstanding Details that African Fashion is Recognized By
by Fashionomics Africa 02 May, 2019

The taste for African fashion has been growing for some time now. It has slowly started to increase in demand as well, and over the past couple over years, has been exponentially exposed thanks to bra ... Read more

Fashion • Africa
Elie Seonnet’s New Film “Wax in the City” Premieres in Abidjan Tonight
by Fashionomics Africa 02 May, 2019

French documentary director, Ellie Seonnet, has always been fascinated by the subject of identity and his latest film, Wax in the City, is no exception. When Seonnet realized how fashionable the Ankar ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business • Africa
Google Digital Skills Training at the Enterprise Development Center in Lagos
by Fashionomics Africa 02 May, 2019

If you’ve been looking to brush up on your digital skills as a means to thrive as a company or sole proprietor, you’re in for a special treat. On May 7th, Haptics Nigeria will be hosting a ... Read more

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