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3 Ideas for Fashion-Themed Parties that Will Excite the Whole Office

10 Jul, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 Ideas for Fashion-Themed Parties that Will Excite the Whole Office
Fashionomics Africa

There’s a reason you picked fashion as your career and one of them is all the creativity this profession calls for. You’re constantly thinking up new styles, not just for your brand’s collection but your own personal wear, you can spot campaign opportunities that tie in with the latest trends from a mile away, and you have a talent for decorating exhibition rooms fit to mesmerize the masses. Now that we’re in the height of summer and your staff is in desperate need of an energy boost to keep them on their toes, we’d like to suggest you put that creativity of yours to good use and plan a fashion-themed party to show your gratitude for all the hard work your employees have achieved over the course of the winter and spring season. Here are three ideas for fashion-themed parties that will excite the whole office!

Pick an Era, Any Era

One of the most exciting things about fashion is that it keeps on changing throughout the ages. Women have gone from struggling to breathe in the “health corsets” of the late 1800s, to showing some leg and back in midi-length dresses and Hollywood gowns of the 1930s, to twirling to the sounds of the 1960s in batik and floral print dresses, to striking a pose in leggings, bodice, lace and blazer ensembles for the ultimate, 80’s Madonna look. Each era brought its own specific look, some more favourable than others. Get your staff to vote on the fashion era they are most interested in and then design an office party around it! If your staff opted for the 80s era, ask everyone to show up in their best Madonna or Bowie look, put together a fitting soundtrack and decorate the office with plenty of glitz and glamour. Who knows, this party might even inspire a new collection that merges the 80s and noughties look!

Project Runway

If you want to go for a hands-on theme party with a bit of a challenge, create your own Project Runway! Put together different teams and saddle them with tasks such as creating their own outfits with only office supplies or allow them access to old sample pieces to use for draping new designs. This will get the whole staff excited and will make for some great team building opportunities along the way. Staging your own Project Runway will also spark new ideas and approaches to designing, so it really is a win-win kind of party situation!

Gathering of Fashion Icons

We all have at least one fashion icon we look to for inspiration. Let your staff pick their favourite and channel them for this awesome office party! Your employees will be excited by the prospect of picking their own style icon and they will all put some serious thought into their choice because everyone will want to avoid five Audrey Hepburns or Mick Jaggers rocking up to the party. It will be really fun to see the eclectic mix of styles at this party, and before everyone gets too drunk, you can make the rounds and discuss why each person chose the icon they picked.

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