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3 ways to avoid getting your business copied

10 Sep, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 ways to avoid getting your business copied
Fashionomics Africa

Could you ever imagine working so hard to get your first sales, only to notice that another business has copied your entire company image? It could get worse, they could even begin spending more than you on their marketing budget and suddenly, they appear everywhere so your own company is left behind. Nothing could feel more frustrating than this and although it does have solutions and not all is lost, getting to this point could be easier to prevent than to fix, so we are going to share 3 great ways to make you business copycat-proof.


1. Always keep innovating. Creating a business takes time, you of all persons should know about it, so if your company is innovating constantly, imitating its ideas could be very difficult. If you are still selling the product that was being promoted in your shop a year ago, chances are that new businesses are going to get enough time to create the same product. If you are instead, one step ahead, and change your inventory and styles every couple of months, not only are you going to be ahead of the game, but competition is also going to be aware of your latest innovations and your business can mark the new season style.

2. Something that can’t be imitated is customer support. If you place a priority on giving amazing customer support, then there is no way another brand can imitate what you do. Make sure that your company doesn’t only care about sales, but try to make everything as personalized as possible, so that your customers won’t want to change your place, even when a new similar competition company comes around.

3. Focus on your niche. Of course, the bigger your market, the more competition you will have. We recommend that if you are just starting out, you should focus on a certain market. Whether it is a geographical area, a certain age group and style, or a certain type of customer (such as expensive and high-quality jewelry), then you will find less competition and therefore, less people trying to compete in the market. After starting out this way and establishing your brand with the points above, you can definitely start to expand and no other company will be able to match your game.


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