Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention to Moon Cycles

11 Sep, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention to Moon Cycles
Fashionomics Africa

Whether you believe in horoscopes or think they’re just a bunch of hocus pocus, there’s one factor of it all we simply cannot deny: the power of the moon cycles. If you’re in doubt, speak to your local garden center or farmer and they’ll tell you that planting seeds will yield the best results during the new moon cycle; speak to a nurse, police officer or bar owner, and they’ll tell you they dread the full moon – not because they believe in werewolves, but because many people are highly susceptible to the full moon’s lunar energy, which causes them to act out in a myriad of ways.

Studying the effects of the lunar cycles may seem somewhat eccentric, even superfluous to some. And yet, if you think about it, nature has followed the lunar cycle since the inception of this planet, and it seems to run rather smoothly – so what’s stopping you from testing whether the same is true for you? Women are particularly susceptive to the lunar cycles, after all our cycles are the same. Paying attention to the lunar cycles may seem like a thing of the past, back when a woman’s powers and determination was mistaken for witchery; however, these cycles are something every modern-day she-boss witch can benefit from.

The lunar cycles have similar effects on humans as they do on plants and animals. The same way a seed will be charged with new energy to sprout during the new moon phase, you will too. If you couldn’t relax into your Netflix binge this past Sunday, that’s probably because the new moon (September 9th, 2018) was beckoning you to get off the couch and start sprouting your own personal or professional seeds. This is a time of fresh beginnings – a time to rid yourself of any emotional baggage you were holding on to, to make time for yourself and focus on what is important to you.

By the time you have reached the waxing phase of the moon, the new moon phase should have given you plenty time to consider your intentions – and now it’s time to set them. This phase represents hopes and desires. Meditate on your intentions so that you are ready to plant them during the first quarter moon, which is set for the 16th of September. This is when you are most likely to experience obstacles, which makes it all the more important you remain active in seeing your intention through to fruition.  You still have the waxing gibbous phase to refine your intentions, as that is exactly what this period is intended for. By confronting obstacles, you will strengthen your intentions.

The full moon phase is known to bring a heightened sense of emotions and tensions due to our being wedged between two opposing forces – the sun and lunar light. Use this intense energy to push towards your harvest, i.e. the professional or personal goal you have been working towards through this month’s lunar cycle. If you’re still wary about everything you have read so far, mark your calendar for September, 25th – this particular full moon is known as the Harvest Moon, as it is the closest to the autumnal equinox, when farmers reap their harvest. This moon can be distinguished by its unique orange colour and is sure to charge you with its autumn energy, read to set you up for the winter months to come.


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