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3 Ways to Drive traffic without using SEO

11 Sep, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 Ways to Drive traffic without using SEO
Fashionomics Africa

If you are trying to create a passive income, then creating a blog has probably been in your top priorities. Blogging in today's world is an excellent option for those who want to become their own bosses, work from home, sell stuff online, or even enjoy writing about a subject of their knowledge.

Of course, with the number of people that want o to become successful bloggers, it has become hard to appear in common search results, since with just one search, google finds million of pages similar to yours and driving traffic to your page can become difficult. Competition is definitely tough. That is why today, we are going to show you 3 different and innovative ways to drive traffic to your website without using SEO.

It's no surprise that the more visitor your webpage has, then the more possibilities you will have to receive income from it. Whether you have a lifestyle fashion blog where you place ads and affiliate links, an e-commerce store where you sell your latest collection or a youtube channel where you give tutorials, always remember that visitors and followers will be your greatest ally.

First way to increase traffic is to invest in social media. Did you know that social media directly influences 74% of consumers buying decisions? Also, not only will you be showcasing your brand, but you can also use it to make ads, create loyalty, and drive traffic to your brand. Make sure you speak to a professional in order to create a campaign that won't waste your money, and get to building that social media presence!

Another way to increase traffic is to use more videos. This is a common expert tip that has demonstrated over the years that engagement is extremely more engaging than just images. If you use videos on your platform, chances are your popularity will increase and traffic will slowly start to increase.

Last but not least, if you want to bring more traffic to our page, you must start networking. Today, there are a million websites that allow you to guest post on other blogs, speak with other bloggers and even pay to appear on recognized websites. There are also blogging events where you can meet others and exchange views, shoutouts and help each other out with exposure.

We know that SEO is definitely important but if you use other methods as these as well, your blog will start increasing its traffic exponentially in no time!


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