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3 reasons why African fashion is great

18 Mar, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 reasons why African fashion is great
Fashionomics Africa

Wearing African clothing is always a statement. Whether it’s because of the powerful personalities that own their culture on magazines and reality tv, or because of the impressive colors that African prints are made with, wearing this continent’s inspired designs is always going to get some positive kind of attention.


As of the past 30 years, African culture has become well known all around the world, and no matter if you are looking for fashionable jewelry, day to day outfits, or spectacular looking Ankara print dresses, we have to share these 3 reasons why African fashion is always a good idea.


  1. Easy to incorporate styles. As mentioned before, no matter the situation you are looking to dress for, African designs can always be a great option. The great variety of traditional, yet easy to adapt garments have allowed people all over the world to incorporate their culture in a proud way for every situation. Comfortable t-shirts that hold the cultures’ bright colors, flattering dresses, and even headpieces can be adapted to almost any situation.

  2. Bright and bold. Forget about worrying that you won’t stand out. Wearing African clothing does not mean that you have to wear bright patterns all the time, however, It does mean that you will dress in a bold way... so whether you chose that red colored dress, the more neutral black outfit with yellow necklace, or the jeans with the fashionable shoes, you can be sure that you will be bold and stand out among the rest.

  3. History and pride. There is no doubt that Africa has come a long way in terms of reputation, economy and acceptance all around the world. It has become a powerful message to be African and proud, and it is definitely something that the rest of the world admires. It is no wonder African fashion has been rising to the top and competing against huge fashion capitals like Milan and New York. If you wear African designs, you are not only looking great, but standing up for something great and sending a strong message of pride.

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