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Alibaba’s Jack Ma Launches the Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative

19 Mar, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
Alibaba’s Jack Ma Launches the Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative
Fashionomics Africa

Much like Amazon and eBay, Alibaba has become somewhat of a household name. The multinational e-commerce conglomerate currently ranks fifth place on the list of the largest internet companies of today, which goes to show that, Executive Chairman, Jack Ma, knows what he’s doing. In a bid to share his knowledge and to support aspiring entrepreneurs looking to become the next big thing in the online business market, Ma has launched the Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative.

For the next ten years, ANPI will be hosting pitching competitions across Africa, the selected finalists of which will go on to compete for 1 million US dollars in prize money. Recognizing the potential of Africa’s remarkable talents across varying industries, ANPI is determined to encourage and support entrepreneurs along their way to the top. The big-picture goal is to introduce the world to some 100 African entrepreneurs by 2030.

Applications are open to entrepreneurs spanning 54 African countries and across all industries. The ANPI is particularly encouraging of young and female entrepreneurs looking to enter the competition. Applications can be submitted as of March 27th, the deadline is set for June 20th. In August, the top 50 regional finalists will be announced.

If you’d like to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, get started on writing your winning pitch and have your application ready for March, 27th – regardless of the outcome, the experience will be more than worth it!

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